SPAC Index

SPAC Index © was started to provide investors information and exposure to Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations, or SPACs. The Index is designed and managed by Etalon Capital Ltd, a global value equity investment firm with a strong event-driven focus.

After many years of focusing on event-driven equities, firmís founder and CIO, Alex Gavrish, has developed his own investment philosophy that proposes to look at companies and their stocks as stories. We believe that despite of its small size, the SPACs segment of the market can provide investors with attractive returns and unique investment opportunities.


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The SPAC Index is designed to measure the performance of a representative sample of U.S. listed Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations that have announced an acquisition or effected a merger within the last 3 years and have an enterprise value of at least USD 1 billion (at the time of addition).

Index Details

Launch Date: 23/12/2017
Base Rate:    100.00


Current Index Value: 98.88 (as of 13/04/2018)

Industry Breakdown


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Index Methodology

U.S. SPAC Index Methodology